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A weak cold climate will move across the area late Wednesday into Thursday. Some snow showers will be possible across the north and west. The weather will be below 0. Thus blizzard is non expecting, expecting widespread heavy snow showers.


The film tells us about feelings that we can’t even think about, we can’t imagine that musicians can have such deep feelings. The boy who is our main character Andrew Neiman is an ambitious young jazz drummer who is in pursuit of rising to the top of his elite music conservatory. Terence Fletcher, an instructor known for his terrifying teaching methods discovers Andrew and transfers the aspiring drummer into the top jazz ensemble, forever changing the young man’s life. But Andrew’s passion to achieve perfection quickly spirals into obsession, as his ruthless teacher pushes him to the brink of his ability and his sanity.

You’ll remember the final scene in which Fletcher deliberately sabotages Andrew’s fledgling career by giving him the wrong music for a concert. Instead of taking that affront lying down, however, Andrew turns it into an opportunity, taking the lead and showing off his talents.

The last but not the least I am really in love with the character of Andrew, I am in love how he tries to reach the result that Fletcher wants.Thus it has become one of my favorite films.

5 reasons why…

To begin with I love my educational complex as i have a lot of opportunities in everything. For example I have choices, if I want to change my teacher I can do it without any problem, here i can choose subjects that I like. We also travel a lot and that’s a good point, as we can learn some things by watching and exploring.There is no seperation between classes and you can’t see the same group at the same class, the groups change every time and it gives us an opportunity to have a lot of friends and different interactions.


Traveling to Spain and don’t want to sound the tourist alarm? Everyday street fashion in Spain obviously changes with the seasons, but there are some staples and basic fashion etiquette that each of the largest tourist destinations follows. Here’s a quick look at fashion in Spain today by popular destinations like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville / Granada, and the Basque Country, followed by a list of what not to wear in Spain as a tourist. One thing is for certain when it comes to the dress code in Madrid: Fashion is ruled by the season. Even if it’s hot in winter, you won’t see people in shorts. 

Fashion for Women in Madrid

For women, polka dots, colorful sundresses dresses, and espadrilles are hot in the summer, with jean skirts making a comeback from the 90s. Black coats, boots, and jeans are dominant in the winter looks.

Fashion for Men in Madrid

For men, black, white and grey t-shirts and button-downs are staples with jeans or black pants and a nice watch. For both men and women, white kicks and Vans are very popular, but you’ll never see flip flops in Madrid.

What to Wear in Spain: Barcelona

Wondering what to pack for Barcelona?

This illustrious city is the capital of Catalonia, a proud pro-independence region with a rich history, gorgeous architecture, and amazing wine.

Barcelona is very well established in Spain as the fashion city. This reputation was edified in the very popular Spanish movie (Ocho Apellidos Catalanes, 8 Catalan Last Names), in which they joke about how well-dressed and preppy the people are in the streets of Barcelona.

There is not a particularly wide gamut of styles – the style ranges from slick-looking button-downs, long sleeves, pants, and chic accessories.

About my favorite brand – Nike

Nike was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. From a mere handshake, each man ended up investing $500 to import Tiger shoes from Japan and sell them in the United States. At that time, German shoe brands were the dominating brands that were preferred by athletes all over the world. The duo hence founded Blue Ribbon Sports, which would later become the successful sporting goods company we know as Nike.

The success story of Nike is worth a listen for anyone who’s interesting in sporting goods or how businesses run. We’ve hence chalked out an outline which would help one get the gist of this successful company and how it all started:

The Beginning

Bill Bowerman was a nationally-renowned track and field coach at the University of Oregon. He was a track enthusiast and worked to improve the performance of his athletes. Phil Knight was a runner and was enrolled in Bowerman’s track program. He then went on to get an MBA from Stanford. Both Bowerman and Knight felt that shoe technology could be improved. Knight even wrote a paper on how quality shoes could be manufactured in Japan that would compete with the most popular brands of that time.

Bill Bowerman was actively pouring his efforts into developing safe, comfortable, and inexpensive shoes in order to improve the performance of his students. While his initial combinations weren’t successful, Phil Knight’s paper helped make the dream a reality. Knight suggested his ideas to several investors but was forced to start work on his own after all. When he approached his old coach, Bowerman convinced him that a partnership was best for both individuals.

The History of Nike

Get stressed, stay young

Stress is dangerous and doctors have warned us about the dangers of stress and have given us advice about how to cut down our stress levels.

There are two types of stress, good stress and bad stress. For example being stuck in a traffic jam, is bad for our health and should be avoided whenever possible. In my opinion it’s a great example of bad stress, also any type of stress is bad stress too. As I think good stress is somthing that you want to achive. For example waiting for viza or exam result is a good stress.

To sum up stress is somthing that we can’t bypass.