My skills, capacities and achievements

This year was a new one for me, I was in a new school with new friends and teachers. This year was full of new experience and new capacities and without failures. I have learnt a lot,  it was full of adventures and new memories. English is an important language for me as I have been learning it since childhood, but in my previous school, our English classes weren’t good enough for me to learn something new or even important. This school gave me an opportunity to learn more and more. Our English classes were very interesting and productive, we did not only grammar but also many interesting activities practising our listening, writing and speaking skills. Discussing interesting topics helped us enrich our creative thinking and express our ideas and thoughts freely, shared our desires and hopes as well.  We played a lot of games together too.

These are some interesting topics that I’ve written.

A photo from my album.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Great expectations By Charles Dickens.

Standardized tests are not a measure of students’ ability.

Make decisions alone.

Also, trips are very important in our school and for me as well. We make new friends, new memories and new achievements. Here is an interesting project called  “Virtual Journeys”.  Virtual Journey to Lagodekhi. 

Despite the quarantine, this year was full of happiness for me and I hope next year will be better.


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


Short summary for you

At first, I thought that the book is boring and uninteresting. After reading the whole book I learnt it was a good one. The book is about a poor boy who had neither father nor mother. His only family was his sister who was very strict and her husband Joe who was very kind and helpful he was the only friend of Pip the poor boy. After his dark childhood, he was given an opportunity to become a gentleman…

I liked the book as it has deep wise, the book clearly mentions the boy’s suffering and hardworking, due to which he reaches his goals. I think that’s the best example that we can reach our goals with hardworking. Also, it is a good example that real love comes back no matter what. We can see that after all difficulties, at last, the boy Pip who loved Estella all his life unexpectedly found her again and didn’t let her go.

Laughter is the Best Medicine


When was the last time you had a really good laugh?

I think that one of the best feelings in the world that also brings so much of cheer to life is laughter. It is really one of the best medicines in the world. Also, whether it’s a smile or just a slight giggle, laughter completely alters the atmosphere and mood of the surroundings. Furthermore, it makes you feel well and everyone around you will also feel positive vibes. I’m the one who always tries to find positive things to laugh when I hang out with my friends .


The ability to laugh is God-given.People laughing together is an excellent way to build relationships this is one of the ways how I have made a lot of friends. It helps friends and family bond with each other. It helps increase trust and intimacy as well. Laughter is an expression of joy in one’s heart. Unfortunately , anxiety and worry, depression and loneliness are ills of modern society that prevent people from laughing out loud. It is in this context that laughter is understood to be the best medicine.

Additionally, laughter helps you feel well. The good feeling that you actually get during laughter remains with you even when you stop laughing. Thus, laughter helps you with a positive view in difficult times. A slight smile or a laugh can make the world a perfect one for you



A photo from my album

I have chosen these two pictures from my album as I have a lot of happy and funny memories from England. I have been in England for four times and each time was interesting and unforgettable.

In this pictures you can see Big Ben the biggest clock and  London Eye which is famous for its great view. Here are my friends with whom i traveled and had a great time. Traveling to other countries is a big opportunity and experience, you can make new friends from other countries if it is a summer school and of course meet some incredible places. England is one of the oldest countries in the world, people in England are very reserved and cold and the weather is not good it rains all the time and the wind hugs with cold smell. Despite all disadvantages that i have mentioned there are a lot of advantages: My lovely friends from Morocco with whom i have been chatting since then, unbelievable and historical  places ( York,  Ramsgate, Dover, Manchester…) and the most important are the memories which will always be in my heart and in my memory.

Travel every time and everywhere you can!

Virtual travel, (Lagodekhi, Telavi, Sighnaghi)

Written by Mariam Mayilyan

Studying at the educational complex means traveling and traveling countless and inexorably, both within the borders of the Republic of Armenia and outside the borders of Armenia. Due to the global situation, we can’t travel and have to stay at home for our own health. I suggest using free time expediently and effectively. Let’s travel virtually via the internet.

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Home Reading

Art for heart’s sake 

Read the text , answer the  questions and write your viewpoint about the text.

1.Why  was Ellsworth  under the care of  a doctor?                                                                            He had had a heart attack.He had to be prevented from buying things

2.Was Ellsworth a very wealthy or  a very poor man?                                                                      He was very wealthy.

3.Had  his recent business operations  been very successful or  very  unsuccessful?               Various business operations were successful,but they left effects.

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